Saturday, August 15, 2015

Washington DC: Part 3

I know it's been over a month now but I'm finally on to post # 3 from our trip! Go me! ;)

I think one of the main highlights of our trip for the kids was any time they were able to stand up on the Metro.
Ninja would beg every time we would get on and most of the time, I wouldn't let him but there were a few times where I let him stand.

We started this particular day by going to the Air and Space Museum.
 The kids had fun but honestly, it was a little crowded and I hate crowded places so I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.
 Ninja loved seeing all of the space shuttles and airplanes.

 And of course, Amelia Earhart's airplane. I'm not sure if it's sad or just funny that a lot of things in DC that were relevant for us can be attributed to the movie Night at the Museum.
 Princess and Lo---seriously, haven't I already mentioned how much this boy loved his older cousin?! He lit up every time she walked in a room.
Future astronauts? I guess we shall see...

Next was the Native American Museum.
 I really thought this museum would bore the heck outta my kids. In fact, I was kind of sure I would be bored. But I really loved it and Ninja didn't want to leave! He found a tv that was playing different narrations of Indian folk tales and didn't move from that area until he had watched every single one of them, which took a while. He was enthralled and kept telling me how cool it was that stars can turn into people or people can turn into wolves, etc. He loved those stories so much.
 Princess was with my mom for most of the museums and I hardly got any pictures of her or got a chance to see what things she enjoyed the most. But I'm gonna just assume she loved it too.
 As we were walking back to the Metro, we came across the above---seriously? Keepin' it real classy, DC.

The next day was the 4th of July!!! We were so excited to wake up and get started.
 We rode the Metro and then had to wait for a bus to take us to Mount Vernon. The kids were such good sports about all of the waiting and picture taking.
 I loved the outfits I had bought my kids for this year. Ninja's shirt says, "Are these people really my relatives?" I found that appropriate for our vacation with our huge family.
 Princess and Nelly, posing for my camera. These girls are hilarious together.

 It was sprinkling when we got on the bus and by the time we got to Mount Vernon, it was pouring rain. We were all drenched and I felt bad that my kids were in flip flops. Oops!

By the time we finished the tour of George Washington's house, the rain had stopped and we were able to stay dry.
 The back of George Washington's house faces the Potomac River and has such a gorgeous view.
 Right behind us is the back porch of the Washington house.
 And this is the front of the house. It was fun to take a tour through it and see all of the different rooms and get a sense of how George Washington and his family lived.
 They had these guards out reenacting some really cool things for us to watch throughout the day.
 We got to walk around the acres and see animals. This is Princess showing off the sheep.

And the kids loved being so close to the cattle.
 Then we headed back to the Washington's back porch to hear George Washington and his wife speak about Independence Day. I had chills and loved listening to his speech.
 Princess had been asked 6 or 7 times by strangers if they could take her picture because of her outfit. Can you tell she was done with pictures by the end of the day?
It was a memorable 4th of July and the best part was spending it with every member of my family.

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