Thursday, April 12, 2012

Petey and the Goose Egg

Oh it was a day today... I took tons of pictures this morning between Petey having a cute new hairstyle and the kids having a blast in the front row at kid's club but those will have to come another time because my little girly needs her own blog post tonight. Isn't she beautiful? I took this picture right before we left for the mall. She looked beautiful in her fancy-ish new hair-do and I wanted to document it. Isn't her forehead just perfect? I only ask that to bring on the next photo...This is my daughter after running into the corner of a wall after getting off the carousel. And yes, she really was running. One of her little friends was chasing her and she turned around to look at him and hit the corner of the wall. At first, I didnt realize her forehead was so huge but a nice mom pointed it out to me and I immediately started "freak out" mode. The carousel worker wanted to call the paramedics, which I refused, and I called my dad and brought her over to him.
Luckily, he said she would be fine as long as she didn't have any concussion symptoms (which she hasn't) so she is just left with a huge goose egg. Also luckily, her goose egg has gone down in size and isn't protruding a half inch off of her face anymore. I took this last picture tonight at dinner. Notice the red line in the middle of the bruise? Her forehead was seriously close to splitting open and I am thanking my lucky stars that it didn't! We really dodged a bullet there because she would've needed stitches.
All in all, this little girl is a fighter. Yes, she cried a lot at first but she has been a good sport the rest of the day and hasn't complained much. I'm sure she had a huge headache but with the help of Motrin, we've got her happy and running around again.

Also, have I mentioned how grateful I am to have a pediatrician dad? Because whenever I'm freaking out about something that's happened to my kids, he always brings me back to reality and lets me know that they will be ok! I guess I'm just a worrier. :)


Juli said...

OH. MY. GOSH. Suze, I am so glad she is ok. I about had a heart attack when I saw that first picture. "A" almost started crying when she looked at the picture. So, so SO glad she is ok!!

Kelly said...

First of all - she is BEAUTIFUL! :) Second - that IS scary. That's a BIG bump for sure. Glad it's going down. Huge blessing that she didn't get a big gash. Third - the biggest blessing I saw coming of nursing school was having nurse Ted on call 24 hours a day. He's not a doctor but he can make those assessments and decisions that I'm not good at - whether to take a kid in at 2 AM or whether to make an appointment after 3 days of illness... Isn't a medical professional in the family such a blessing? I've always envied you guys having a doctor dad and I'm grateful to have some of that in my life. So wonderful.

Emily said...

Can I ask if your daughter's goose egg ever resulted in a leftover dent/line/dimple in the forehead? My daughter had a similar injury where the line and goose egg appeared immediately. It's been a few weeks, and the swelling and bruising seem to have gone down, but there's still a dent/line/depressing where the initial collision was. Just wondering what I can expect in terms of recovery. As in . . . will it heal? And if so, how long?!

Suzanne Janette said...

Hi, Emily! As soon as the swelling went down (maybe about 24-48 hrs), she just had a bruise for a week or two. She never seemed to have a dent that I can remember but this was also a long time ago so I'm not sure.
Hope that helps a little!