Thursday, April 29, 2010

My dad

I love...

my dad. (the one in the middle, between my husband and my ob doc)

I love that he was there for this picture, minutes before my first child was born (by emergency c section, scary for a first time mommy). I love that because of his career, he was able to attend the birth of both of my children, even though they were born via c section. I love that when Petey came a month early, he checked her out immediately in the operating room and came over and whispered, "She's doing great...and she's beautiful."

I love that when she was 2 weeks old and I was about to go crazy from her screaming, he diagnosed her with colic and reflux...and then he took her in the other room and held her while she screamed so that I could have a break.

I even love that when I called him and asked him what to do about a TEN month old throwing tantrums, he said, "Well, she is your daughter..." and then proceeded to give me actual advice. :)

I love that my kids love the doctor---because pediatrician=grandpa in our house.

I love that when my son had bronchiolitis and was doing breathing treatments every 2 hours throughout the night that he called me at 3am, worried about his grandson.

I love that he randomly calls us at 6pm to ask if he can watch our kids and give us a date night. Shouldnt that work the other way around?

I love that he refers my children to people he trusts and he is always there after an appt, wanting to know what the specialist said...not because he doesn't trust them but because he cares about what is going on with his grandkids.

I love that he never forgets to tell me what a great mother I am. Every. Day. (You can never be told that too many times)

I love that he laughs at me when I say my kid's are genius'(because I'm being sarcastic when I say that) but then 5 minutes later he says, 'Spidey "has great consonants for his age."'

I also love that growing up, the answer to any of my medical questions were, "Put some ice on it.", "Take some ibuprofen.", or "Drink lots of water." One of those answers worked for any of my problems.

I love him not just because he is a pediatrician but because he is my dad and I know he loves me back. I am so proud to call him my dad.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In case you were wondering...

After writing that last post, this happened...

And yet, it's still the best calling in the entire world. :)

I'm a mom

I have been thrown up on numerous times in the past two years.
I'm a mom.

I have been pooped on, peed on, and bled on on many different occasions and in many public places.
I'm a mom.

My daughter calls me by my first name---and she isnt even 2 yet.
I'm a mom.

I am a professional medicine giver due to long nights of colic, reflux, ear infections, and strep throat.
I'm a mom.

Instead of staying up late after my kids go to bed, I wake up early in the morning on my days off to get some "me" time.
I'm a mom.

And though to some it may not sound like a pleasant job, to deal with poop and vomit and all sorts of bodily functions, I could not have asked for a better calling in this life.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

God Loves Us

Two nights ago, on our way home from Nana and Papa's house in Queen Creek, Petey and I did what we usually do and sang all of her favorite songs (I love to see the Temple, Wheels on the Bus, Monkeys on the Bed, Monkeys in the Trees, I am a Child of God, etc) and after singing Child of God, I started talking to Petey about how God loves us and we are together forever because of His plan and the choices mommy and daddy made. I figured we would keep talking about these things and maybe someday (I was thinking when she's 5 or 6), she'd start catching on and grow up knowing that she is a child of God.
Fastforward to last night, we were leaving my parents house and the first thing Petey says in the car is, "Mom, God loves me." I could have cried, it was such a special moment for me. I hope my kids grow up knowing that they are children of God and that he does love them and always will, no matter what mistakes they make.
And that's how Suze sees it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stop being so selfish!

In our world today, we want everything we dont have. We are never satisfied. more More MORE! That seems to be America's motto.


Why are we never satisfied and content with the way our lives are.

Take me for example.

I want a 2010 navy blue Honda Odyssey.

I want a bigger house, nicer furniture, and every darn cute outfit for my children (and maybe myself).

I want a husband who is never rude, annoying, or equally selfish (so apparently, I dont want a human husband :).

I want to weigh 115lbs with small boobs and nice legs...and NO double chin.

But I cant have everything I want. It just isnt a reality. What spoiled brats we would all be if we could just ask God for something and *BAM*, it appeared right before us.
When would we learn the lessons of hard work and patience?

We wouldn't, that's when.

Sometimes the selflessness comes easy (well, rarely but that still counts as sometimes). Most times it is the hardest thing I do.

I think that is where most (or would it even be safe to say all?) marriages fall apart.

The opposite sex is SO hard to live with because they're dirty, rude, inconsiderate of our hormonal feelings, and completely insensitive! But that is where we are missing the point.

Marriage (and life in general) is not about always feeling happy, always getting what we want or being the center of someone's attention. Hopefully sometimes you have all of your husband's (or wife's) attention but it simply isn't possible to always be their number one thought. HOW RUDE, right?


I get upset with my husband because "he's bugging me!". What am I, 5 years old? Is he my brother or my husband? I think as we live together longer, we start losing that connection of "husband/wife" feeling. We tend to become annoying roommates at times and get annoyed when we have tallied the amount of diaper's we've changed throughout the day and it is more than our spouse's. *gasp!* Or when we asked them to load the dishwasher and 24 hours later, it still wasn't done.

I have one point to make...though I could and wish I could make thousands.


We are human beings and it wasn't supposed to be easy to live with the opposite sex and share things (like how my husband HATES when I don't use the toothpaste correctly or immediately put the wet diaper in the trash can). Take a dose of selflessness and try to remember why you were married in the first place. You share values, some opinions, and can communicate with each other (and he's pretty darn good looking too). Happiness will come much easier if you try and forget his/her faults and focus on the great things your spouse does for you and your in our case, how hard he works at school to someday provide a better life for the rest of us. Take an extra minute today and find things to be grateful for that your spouse does. You'll be happier and more in love, I promise.

And that's how Suze sees it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The # "2"

Today I attempted to make Petey's birthday "2" shirt...this will probably not be the one she wears for her birthday because it didnt turn out great but it was good practice!

First, I cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a 2 and stenciled around it with a pencil.
See the pencil drawing?
Then, I cut out around the pencil so the shirt had a cutout of the 2.

The last thing I did was take a square of Strawberry Shortcake (baby fabric is the only one we could find but Petey still loves it) fabric, put it inside the shirt, and sew around the outside around the "2" cut out. And wa-la! We should've been done but during the process, a certain little girly was playing under the sewing table and when I stopped sewing to turn a corner, she pushed the foot pedal and made the sewing machine freak out on me and start sewing everywhere like crazy...

So where the main "boo boo" was (because it isnt perfect and there were many other boo boo's), we cut out one of the Strawberry Shortcake figures and sewed around her to cover up the mess.

And though it looks slightly weird, Petey loves it and that's what matters.
Next shirts we will be attempting are an Elmo shirt and a Dora shirt. Petey is so excited for both!


Remember Spidey?

My son?

The chubby one?

The cute little boy I always talk about.

Yeah, him.

Right there.

3 out of 6 months of his life, he has been on breathing treatments. What a pain, what a scare...but last Wednesday, the diagnosis was spoken from that pediatrician guy (we refer to him as grandpa). A diagnosis I wasn't sure you could give a guy as little (or should I say young) as ours. Reactive Airway Disease. Disease? What? aka: Asthma.

We really should have known though, with things working against my wheezing little man. According to many studies done by many smart people, c section babies are at a higher risk to develop asthma because they don't have to work as hard to be born (meaning, they dont have to be contortionists and squeeze their poor bodies out of a tiny, tiny hole...lucky ducks, right?). C section babies also have a harder time breastfeeding and have a higher risk of allergies in the first year [but thats a different topic for a different poor kids!]. Also, Spidey's mom has asthma...I mean, I have asthma. :) So his genes are working against him.

So an asthmatic little man we have and so be it. Breathing treatments, here we come! Trust me, I know how he feels. I grew up on these things. Yuck!

Is there?

Is there a cuter looking family than this one right here? I am so grateful for these people in my life.

By the way, the one with the REALLY long brown hair almost made her goal before these pictures were taken. I am pretty sure she told you she wanted to lose 15 pounds before this picture but she lost 12...Im gonna be proud and not regretful because 12 pounds is something to brag about right now.

She'll succeed.

I know it.

And that's how Suze sees it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Moby Wrap!

I learned how to make my very own Moby wrap! What are usually sold for $40-$50, I made for $14. :) Wanna know how?

I bought 5 1/2 yards of 100% soft, slightly stretchy cotton fabric at Wally world and cut the width in half...and then wrapped it in around using these instructions and there you have it!

Thing #1 seems to enjoy it the most and she was the one lucky enough to get pictures in it. Thing #2 enjoys it because he is a snuggler but he has croup and wasnt up for any pictures in it (meaning I wasnt going to wake up a sick baby just for some dang pictures).

If you have or are having a little one (or hey, even a two year old!), I would TOTALLY recommend making one of these and wrapping it following that tutorial. It is seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever used to carry a child around!

And that's how Suze sees it.

Flashback Friday

Sometimes, I think about high school. Sometimes, I am embarrassed of who I was in high school. Sometimes, I wish I would've just loved myself more and had more confidence. There will always be things I'm not proud of but they've molded me into the person that I am today so I'd rather not do it over. I cant think of very many friends that I would still call friends today. I should've taken more time with my relationships...maybe things would be different now. But they aren't and I have a great family so what right would I even have to complain about life. But since the word 'flashback' starts with an 'f' and so does Friday, I found some old pictures of high school. Have fun!

If you've only known me since recently, you've never known me with blonde hair...let alone short blonde hair. But alas, I once (or twice) had short blonde hair. Oh how things change. I loved it but I just cant keep up with it right now.

This little kid, my LITTLE brother, is now 3 inches taller than me. I's quite ridiculous. But this picture has so many memories. I graduated weeks before and we went to Yosemite as a family. I had tendonitis in my ankle and wore this darn boot for almost 5 months. After ANASAZI, the outdoors were always so refreshing and memory-filled so I will always remember this trip and the beautiful hikes we did [with my boot]. :)
My best friend in high school and our little sister. Oh what fun we had in high school. Who says teenagers cant play dress ups too? We were in our way to the "Foscars" to see what our movie we had submitted would win. I still need to get that video from this crazy girl. I'm glad we've stayed friends, even though she has to live in darn Utah! She is one of the few...and one of the best!

And this is my senior picture...overflowing with attitude. You wonder where my little girl gets it from...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Carefree and in l.o.v.e

Oh to live a carefree life...someday we will achieve this.

I know two people, a husband and a wife, who live in such a way that they will remember the good times in life. There is no doubt in my mind. They travel, they do so much for their adult children and grandchildren and they have fun---together. Their life is the epitomy of a happy marriage to me. My mom has a quote hung on one of her doors that reads: "Marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for the comfort and well being of one's companion." How simply true is that statement? If marriage is based on sex and other physical relations, how long could it possibly last? What would you discuss? How long would you be able to stand that one annoying quirk your spouse does that drives you nuts? What would you do when your spouse wants something more out of your relationship?
Caring about one another and focusing on your spouse's needs is what true love is all about. I have found that quote to be true in my own life and other's. My husband is my best friend and though it took some getting used to, having a guy for a best friend, we talk daily about our wants, needs, and beliefs. Communication is a key element in a relationship and the bond found in a happy marriage cannot often be found anywhere outside of marriage. It is true, it is wonderful, and it is sacred.
So I strive to live my life like this happily married couple. I want to raise our children as a team, speak often of our beliefs, and tell him daily what he truly means to me.

Happiness is driving down the road on my way back to work and spotting two segways cruisin' on the sidewalk up ahead. It is noticing the two people driving those segways are the happy, adventerous couple I've been talking about in this post. It is definitely knowing that riding segways around Gilbert, AZ are not a common sight to see and makes those moments one to smile about forever.
I want to be unique in my adventures as they are and not care what anybody else thinks...just have fun doing whatever we want to do as a team---just my husband and I.