About the Warrior Princess

The six year old: Miss Petey
 Warrior Princess is my first born and life has never been the same since she got here!

She was born as a feisty little baby, coming prematurely but screaming at the top of her lungs. She screamed the majority of her first year of life but as soon as her tummy issues were figured out, she turned into a shy, quiet little girl.
Warrior Princess is an avid dance and she is currently on the SNS dance team at Club Dance. She practices two days a week and performs throughout the valley at various events. Right now, it is her life and she loves it. She works so hard to learn new things and progress while still having as much fun as possible.

WP is in first grade this year and loves going to school. She is a good listener and helper and makes friends pretty easily.

Life without Warrior Princess just wouldn't seem like life! She is my little princess and I love her to pieces.