About The Ninja

The four year old: Ninja
Ninja is my 5 year old spitfire. He was the easiest baby I've ever known and when people would tell me to "watch out for that red hair", I never believed he could be anything but cuddly and smiley.

But I have learned!

Ninja is a ball of energy and keeps me on my toes daily. He loves dirt and wrestling and watching movies. On the opposite hand, Ninja cuddles up to me daily and tells me I'm his "dynamite gal" (Wreck-It Ralph, anyone?). He is a thumb sucker and although we are trying to help him kick the habit, it is quite adorable.

Ninja takes hip hop classes and is the cutest little hip hop dancer I've ever seen. He is in preschool this year and is so excited to learn new things!

I love my little red head---emphasis on the little. Our boy is teeny tiny for his age but makes up for that in the GIANT personality he has. He loves to make people laugh and is such a little goofball.