Saturday, February 22, 2014

Let It Go

Help! I've jumped on a bandwagon and I can't seem to find my way off!

What bandwagon, you say?

Well, the Frozen bandwagon!

We saw the movie on my Christmas Eve with the kids last December. I cannot even begin to describe to you how magical it made our evening but trust me---it was magical.

Two minutes into the movie, I knew we were in for a treat. I knew I was going to love it because the music was already knocking my socks off.

Weeks after seeing it, I started seeing posts circulating on Facebook about hidden agendas in Frozen and why this movie was harmful for our children. Of course, I like to march to my own beat so I refused to click on these links but eventually, after a phone call with my sister, I gave in and read ONE article about the movie and it was then and there that I stopped.

You see, we all know that person who reads way further into anything than they should. We know that person who analyzes everything and even starts to make up a few "facts" out of their own opinions.

The movie, Frozen, is not about homosexual people---and if you'd like to watch it that way, more power to ya. But it's not. When I first stumbled upon a blog claiming this was the case, I was a little bummed because the song "Let It Go" has been sung around our house daily for weeks and let's be honest, most of those jam sessions were when I was alone.
I look at Elsa and I see myself. I see a scared little girl who doesn't know how to let go, who is afraid she'll hurt someone in the process. I see a girl who wonders when things will get better and if she'll ever feel free. And I imagine that girl letting go and becoming who she was meant to be. I see her blossoming and being strengthened and having the confidence to master anything she wants. She can build castles, she can move mountains, and certainly, she can be truly happy.

She's afraid if she lets them in, they'll see her imperfections. But she lets go anyway because there's no stopping her now. She's got this! Those fears that once controlled her no longer have to. She gets to see what she is made of and the divine power she has within her. She gets to be free to choose for herself what she is going to make of this thing she calls life.

So she lets go. And she lets Him in.

Together with God, she realizes how much power she has. She sees what she can create with Him by her side. She understands that the control she so desperately searches for is right in front of her. She may not be able to control who stays and who goes in her life. She may not be able to control if it rains or if the sun shines. But she can control who she is and who she will become. She has so much control over what her life is because He gave her the agency to choose.
That song is my life. I'm holding on so tight because I'm scared. I want to control everything around me because I often feel so out of control. But eventually, I'll learn to fully let go and trust Him.

Someday, it'll seem much more simple and I'll be able to let it go.

And in the meantime, I'll continue to sing about building snowmen and letting go with my two favorite people.

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Randomlicious Memoirs said...

Wow, I hadn't seen any of those articles but people can interpret things so differently don't they. I never would have guessed there was a secret homosexual message I like yours better and think it fits with the movie. It's a great movie!