Friday, October 23, 2009

18 Kids and Counting

Ok, so I'm obsessed.
I love the show "18 Kids and Counting".
Not because I want 18 kids but moreso because I LOVE the wholesome family aspect. I love that Michelle Duggar teaches her girls not to wear lowcut shirts or any other immodest clothing. Really, I'm sure it sounds odd that I'm talking about this because my daughter owns two baby bikinis, wears tank tops, and wears shorts a lot. I havent quite grasped the modesty with her yet. It's cute to me when she goes swimming and her little belly is sticking out. But I have become obsessed with this show because I like hearing about families raising their children in righteousness. I love that they have 18 kids who are more well behaved than some people with 2 kids. I guess I just love watching their show and supporting the way they raise their children.
I hope that I can raise my children to be as respectful, caring, and kind as the Duggar children.

And that's how Suze sees it.


kelly said...

Ok so I don't have cable so the only things I know about them I see when they're on talk shows and what not. But they look like good people. I know they get a lot of crap for having so many kids and people say they have more because they want to be on TV longer and things like that... but that's between them and the Lord, no?

The Williamson's said...