Friday, October 23, 2009

That Newborn Stage

I love my son, however I do not love "the newborn stage". There is just something about those first few weeks when you are getting used to getting up at night, changing diapers every 2 hours, and dealing with spit up that make it stressful for me.
So you'd think I'd jump at the chance to have someone else watch him over night. Ok, I'll admit it, I did. My husband and I came down with the flu and Petey has a nasty cough/fever so my mother in law took the baby for the night. That was yesterday...
Last night, my stiff joints and chills from the fever made it so I didn't get a good nights rest, even though I did not have my newborn. Then today, I just felt like something was missing. Neyo...that's what's missing. I love my babies, from newborn stage on, so it has been a hard thing to not have him here.
Tonight is the second night I will have been away from him. Tomorrow morning around 9am will be 48 hours since Ive seen him. I miss my baby boy!
Curse you, stupid influenza!!!

And that's how Suze sees it.

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kelly said...

It's a blur to me. The newborn thing is temporary though - they grow fast. And this is probably why - because it IS tough. You'll make it through!! :)