Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Leash

"The Leash"

No, I don't own a dog nor do I own a leash for a dog. I have a Curious George in my house. She is 17 months old and lately, this Curious George has thought it to be hilarious to run straight into the street when I get her out of the car and go to get her brother. Not funny in a mom's eyes. So on Monday, I was doing some shopping at Target and came across a wonderful contraption, the Eddie-Bauer-Harness-Buddy. This is made especially for cute little Curious George's like mine and is not used for any type of animal (ok, I can't promise that no one has put one on an animal but I have no intention of doing so). Of course, we chose the monkey backpack because my little girl is a monkey and for the past two days, she has LOVED it. She points to her back and says, "Monkey! Monkey!" and likes to run a couple feet ahead of her brother and I. Once in a while, she'll start to veer off of whatever path we are taking and she is guided right back on gently by her loving mother.

So I am a fan. I used to think these were dumb and that kids shouldn't be put on leashes but honestly, I'd rather have my girlie safe and not in the middle of a parking lot and deal with the judging glances some people give. Oh well!

And that's the way Suze sees it!


kelly said...

i'm all for the leash. i didn't have a strong opinion on them before - other than with the occasional yelling child i'd see leashed and then thought momentarily that they MUST be cruel - but now i'm all for them and plan on getting one for gwenna when the need arises.

The Wright House said...

I love my leash! I got it a target too like 3 weeks ago! I used to feel so bad for kids that had to wear leashes and now I am all about them! That's too cute!

Ken_and_Becky said...

yep, monkeys most definitely need leashes. If it's easier, you could try taking Andersen out of the car first, but I know how the juggling act can be so I'm sure you'll figure out what works best for you :)