Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picky picky picky!

Oh my gosh, drive me nuts!
I have a beautiful baby girl. She is smart, funny, and sassy!
And lately, she has started being the PICKIEST eater! All she ever wants are crackers and other crap foods that aren't good for her. She HATES her high chair and eats so much better if she's walking around but it is important for her to learn that meal times are up at the table and not walking around the house playing while we eat.
Usually our meals go as followed:
Put apple sauce on her tray, she screams and tries to throw it off (i'm used to this now so i'm close by waiting to see if she'll take the food).
Put a cheese on her tray, she screams and tries to throw it off.
Put a sandwich on her tray, she screams and tries to throw it off (or just rips it apart).
Put a cracker on her tray, she says "Thank you."
All of these foods that she has always liked, she now turns down. Meal times are just full of fits and crying and I'm coming to hate that time of the day.
My husband says that it's ok to give her what she wants since I "get to choose what I eat for meal times so why wouldn't it be fair to let her choose" but I'm not a restaurant and if we are eating something, I do expect her to eat what everybody else is eating.
Meal times are really frusterating and what is even more frusterating is when we go to anybody's house, Petey ends up with like 10 crackers or cookies in her mouth by the end of the night and then she is full so by the next meal time, she will refuse everything I give her.
Right now she is seriously licking ranch dressing off of the lid so I guess I had better go. Yuck!
And that's how Suze sees it.

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Lexi said...

Oh it gets worse!!!