Sunday, August 4, 2013

Her First Day of Kindergarten

 Well, she did it. Peteyy survived her first day of school and she even survived the second day too! Since I am the momarazzi, I took a million pictures so let's just get started, shall we?
Petey was so good at getting herself dressed and ready for the first day of school. I let her pick out which uniform she wanted to wear and she said, "I just want to wear whatever E is wearing!" E is her best friend and goes to school with her. So E's mom and I coordinated their outfits.
 I decided our tradition will be having our kids write their names on the "1st day of school" paper they hold up. It'll be fun to see how their handwriting changes over the years.

 She was super excited all morning and I'm glad we got ready a little earlier than she needed because we had time for these pictures.

 I have a hard time believing she's old enough to be in school but it's true.
 Grandma got her the Tinkerbell lunchbox and backpack and she loves it so much.
 Once we got to the school, she got a bit nervous when she saw all of the people.
 As long as her buddy was with her, she did just fine and even played on the playground for a little bit.
 These kiddos are our carpool buddies. They are all in our ward and I love that Petey goes to school with some of her best friends.
 Petey and her bestie. They loved matching and since we had dessert at their house tonight, we even coordinated their outfits for tomorrow. Petey loves that she can match E most days. The plus side of uniforms. :)

I'd like to say that her smile stayed the whole time but as soon as it was time to line up, my girl melted in my arms and started crying.
 I felt so bad but I know it doesn't help to give too much attention when she's gets that way so instead, I assured her she would have a great day and I said goodbye. It was hard to walk away when she looked so scared.
Spidey and I hid by a brick wall and I snapped a picture of Petey in line with her class one last time. Can you spot her? She still looked sad but the crying had stopped.

I was a little nervouus for her but since I know her personality, I could almost guarantee she was having fun with her class. She gets super nervous for new adventures but usually ends up loving them.

Fortunatly, I was right. She came home and was excited to tell me everything she could remember about the first day. She was happy when I told her she would be going back the next day and she loved school on Friday too. She seems to have learned a lot of obedience at school already and I'm excited for the rest of the year.

One thing that really surprised me was when she came home on Friday and told me she had raised her hand and gave the teacher the date. Usually, it takes weeks for Petey to warm up to someone enough to willingly talk so I was surprised she is already raising her hand and answering questions. I'm so proud of my big, smart, independent daughter. School is going to be so good for her.

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Randomlicious Memoirs said...

So cute! I fear my little girl will cry at school too when we leave new adventures are hard for her as well as a lot of people. She sounds like she is going to do great in Kindergarten!