Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Phoenix Mercury Game

 On Saturday around lunchtime, the kids and I were trying to decide what we would do while Boss was watching UFC with friends. I had a craft party at my house later that night but it wasn't until the kids went to bed. My dad called and said he had tickets to a Phoenix Mercury game and asked if we wanted to go so I decided to cancel my craft party so the kids and I could get out of the house.
Sadly, I didn't even know the colors or anything about the team so I looked it up online so my kids could have team spirit. {Orange and purple}
 We got to ride the lightrail to the game and Spidey loved it! He was in Heaven the whole ride.
 My nephew was sitting next to us and wanted to take some pictures of us. We were having fun.
 Petey and George. Best buddies.
 Spidey's "pose"
 He kept pointing out the window at different things. He really did love the whole ride and I think that was the highlight of his night.
 Petey and Spidey switched seats halfway through so Spidey could sit by his cousin. I don't have a smart phone but Petey loves looking at pictures on my phone.
 The kids got these for free and loved playing with them during the game.

Grandpa spoiled us and got pizza, icees and popcorn.
 Petey is obsessed with popcorn and asks for it almost every day. Her seat was up by me but she ended up sitting on the steps so she could share popcorn with Grandpa.
 And my boy is obsessed with sugary drinks so the icee was his favorite thing. I'm not sure if he ever came up for a breath before it was gone.
About halfway through, they 'upgraded our tickets' {because the stadium was half empty and they wanted to clean the top part} so we got to sit in the 7th row. We lasted til about the 3rd quarter when Petey started crying because she was so tired. She cried on the lightrail and fell asleep in the car.

It was a super fun memory with the kids. I love doing things with them and seeing their reactions.  I have the best children AND the best dad!

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