Friday, October 11, 2013

The Babes Turns 4!

 My BABY turned 4 this past Monday. I can't believe it. He is not supposed to grow up so fast.

Lucky for him, he got to have his first 'friend' birthday party this year. He decided he wanted a superhero party but he wanted it at the zoo. Done and done!
My sister was an awesome helper and drove half of the kids in her van and I took the other half.
 Petey was so excited that I found a girl Spiderman costume that I had bought last year after Halloween for $1.

 The kids decided instead of walking around that they wanted to ride the train so they'd have the opportunity to see more animals in the amount of time we had.

 Then we met up with my mom and my nephews for cupcakes and presents.

 Doesn't that blue face look adorable!?

 Present opening time was a favorite for my boy.
 He was spoiled with toys beyond toys.

 After the party, we headed to Famous Dave's because the birthday boy gets a free meal AND free ice cream sundae.
 Then we drove to Toys'R'Us to use his gift card and get his birthday crown.
 Last but certainly not least, we had dinner at my parents' house and we sang happy birthday to Spidey and my little niece.
What a wonderful day for a wonderful little boy! My Spidey lights up my life!!! He is so active and yet so sweet. I love that little boy so incredibly much and am so grateful that he'll always be mine.

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