Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Story of Suzanne

 Once upon a time, a cute little curly-headed princess was born.
She was a freckly-faced, chunky-cheeked little princess who's attitude was bigger than her.
 She grew up surrounded by loving sisters and the cutest little brother in the whole world.

Life wasn't always easy but she chalked that up to her own choices she had made.

When she got out of high school, she was determined for things to be easier. That never seemed to happen.
It has been 7 years since her wish and she still hasn't been granted that "easy life" she asked for. Instead, she has been given challenges; challenges that sometimes make her angry or discouraged. It seems as though every couple of years, a new challenge surfaces and she thinks, "Now this one I cannot handle." and yet, handle it she does; usually with grace, sometimes with a little bit of crazy mixed in.

For a long time, she wondered why. Why, when she was trying so hard to be a good person, would God give her these challenges? Now she wonders why not. Why not me? If it can happen to anyone, why wouldn't there be a chance that it would happen to me? Don't get me wrong, that doesn't usually take the pain away but it helps her to look outward and see that others are struggling too. It isn't just her. And not only are there others, some of their stories she wouldn't want in a million years.

God gives us what we can handle. He doesn't give us what our neighbor can handle or what our children will be able to handle. He specifically gives us things that we can handle and He helps us every step of the way. We are never alone. You are never alone.

Sometimes, Suzanne forgets, as I'm sure most of us do but luckily, her parents have instilled it in her and she always seems to remember it in her darkest hours.

I wish I could say that Princess Suzanne grows up to be a successful queen that is kind-hearted and loving to others but she's still pretty young---two days away from her 26th birthday to be exact---and she still has a ways to grow up but I have a feeling she'll get there. Every day, she's learning and growing.

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