Saturday, November 2, 2013

Proud and Thankful

 I would feel incredibly ungrateful if I didn't take some of my free time while the kids are with their dad to talk about the immense amount of love and help I have in my life. It's almost ridiculous how often people are supporting and helping me but in a very good way.

I have the best friends. Every time I say that sentence, there are one or two in particular who ALWAYS come to mind. Always. Every time. Because they are just that incredible. They include me in their own families and make me feel whole when I'm ready to break. They always seem to know when I'm in need of service, even if it annoys them sometimes because of how often it happens. They are just too good at listening to the Spirit. ;)

I have the best family. What can I even say about my amazing family that isn't said multiple times on this blog? Support, support, support, telling me what I need to hear, more support, and many other things. They're just always there for me.

There are times I feel alone even amidst my wonderful children, family, and friends but surprisingly enough, those feelings don't stay long. I know it has EVERYTHING to do with how much my Heavenly Father loves me and the special people he has placed in my life. It's normal to feel down sometimes but I'm definitely not broken and that makes me so grateful.

My children are incredible. I love the blessings I enjoy of getting to stay home with my children almost full time. I love seeing Spidey grow into a little boy, further away from the toddler years. It makes me sad but I'm proud of who he is becoming. He is such a loving little fella.
Petey had her first dance performance at the AZ State Fair and did AH-MAZING.
I mean, she looks super scary old but she is such a gorgeous little girl.
 The story of the fair will have to wait for later because my computer is about to die and I want to post this before that happens. :)

 Petey is turning into a beautiful little girl. She is so sweet and smart and incredible!

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