Monday, July 28, 2014

When my bravery is challenged...

I'm trying to be brave and strong and inspiring and honest all of the time but you know, it just doesn't work that way.
Because sometimes I feel cowardly and weak and annoying and dishonest. Sometimes I feel like there are pieces of me missing that no one, not even I, will be able to put back together.
I can't seem to break out of my recent fog. It's present and it challenges me to fail---and I try to challenge it right back. I try.

I am thinking today will include early bedtime and a lot of prayer. Feel free to include some of your own in there because today, that is all I ask for. I'm pretty good at bouncing back but prayer helps.
Prayers always help.

Cookies help too. Good thing I have plenty of those laying around today.

That is all, friends. Today, that is all I have for you.


WithIn the Heart of Me said...

Yuck. Fogs and funks are hard. Of course I'll pray for you. I know you've got this -- even if you are sure what you've got. We don't always feel God's hand in ours when the fog is that His hand is there for you.

Jacquie said...

I bake, or sing, or go hide in the shower until the water gets so cold I can't move. When I was younger I swam, but one thing that always helps me is to try to talk to someone not involved and just get all my feelings out ya know? I'll pray for you girl