Friday, December 4, 2009

Complaint department open

I almost asked the question "Can I make a complaint?" but who am I kidding, we all know I am going to complain whether you say yes or no. First off, my husband hates when I take "an hour" (his exagerration) to tell a story by painting a picture first but who's in charge again? Oh yeah, my blog, so I am. I am completely grateful for the state WIC program and the many things they have done for us with my two little babies. I am grateful for the money I get to save and most importantly, the free formula. But---I called today because my chubby son is almost out of formula and I dont get new checks for another week or two. I explained to the lady that I am almost out and asked if there was a higher amount of formula allowed as the babies get older and she told me there isnt. To quote her, she said, "We are actually a supplemental program so we want you to be breastfeeding and will only give you formula to supplement your baby." Ok...lady...Im breathing...Im staying nice...Im grateful for this program, remember? I ended my call with her and had to calm my racing heart. These people have been giving me crap about not breastfeeding since the day I stopped. At 6 weeks, when I hadnt been breastfeeding for a month, the nutritionist I saw told me I should start trying to breastfeed again. Lady, my milk had been dried up for a month, is this a joke? Yup, breast is best...and in their eyes, breast is the ONLY healthy way to raise a child.

I'm going overboard, I know. Im being spoiled and ungrateful for the things WIC DOES give me. You should've stopped me while I was ahead. Too late now. :)

By the way, I weighed my chubs at 6 weeks old and he was 12 pounds. The kid as doubled his birth weight (probably moreso by now)! He smiles now, though it still takes a lot of work. I get about two smiles a day but I am so grateful for those two beautiful smiles that I dont mind. My baby boy is just growing up too fast and so is Miss Petey. She has started saying MANY two word sentences and has the most fun personality I have ever seen on a kiddo her age.

Also, another "by the way", next week I reduce my work schedule to 4 days a week instead of 5! You may never know how much that extra day with my kids will mean to me. Of course, I am watching my crazy nephews at the same time but we're pretty much a party house so bring on the fun!

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