Friday, March 12, 2010

Taken for granted

Today during my lunch hour, an amazing family friend made the comment that she loved reading my Facebook status' because they were uplifting and openly showed my love for my family. On something so silly as Facebook, this thought had never occured to me and it gave me great pride to know that I haven't failed as a mother! Just kidding...but it did force me to think about my situation a little bit and how much I truly take for granted.
(I'm not CRAZY about the necklace. I like it but am just not quite sure. My husband absolutely hates it. haha)
I take my body for granted. I think this above all other things Heavenly Father has blessed me with is something I truly take for granted. I don't find myself looking in the mirror and thinking, "I am so grateful that I have a functioning body." I usually look in the mirror and think, "Ugh, I need to lose more weight." or something along those lines. So today, as I was sitting in my office and work and posting charge after charge (I work in billing, remember?), I thought to myself, "I may not love the way my body looks but I love having a body." And how completely true is that statement? I have all of my proper body parts, I have mostly normal skin, teeth, hair, etc. so how is it that I never take the time and thank God for what he has most certainly blessed me with? A simple working body is a huge blessing! It may be tall, short, fat, or skinny but it is mine all mine. And truly, I don't think I am completely worthless and ugly.
The next thing I completely take for granted is my husband. This was also the second thought I had in my office. "I may argue with my husband and get so frusterated with him but I am so lucky to have a husband." The guy loves me. He truly truly loves me. We have an odd relationship filled with sarcasm and jokes but that is how we are truly happy and in the end, we laugh and say, 'I love you'. We have many deep conversations and serious talks and I love that we both agree on almost everything when it comes to raising these two precious children. There are many things we don't agree on but we both like having it that way. It sparks many conversations and helps us understand each other deeper. I love my husband and grateful he is not only married to me for eternity but that he is still on this earth. I can't imagine losing him.

These last chickadees, I will admit, I take for granted less than the other two. I don't have the luxury of being with them full time yet and I know a couple of people who have lost a child. But don't get me wrong, there are still times. There are times I just want to relax and blog while they are awake but I try and remember that they are so precious and they need my attention. I love Petey's quirky smile in that last picture. That is 100% my girl! She is spunky and sweet. And Spidey, oh my loving boy. I can never get enough of these kids. I also want to stress on the other end of things how much I am grateful that I can easily (too easily?) get pregnant and have these wonderful children. I know women who cannot get pregnant and this is something I have taken for granted. I can complain all day that my kids were born via c-sectiong but in the end, I am so completely lucky to have had them through my own body (which goes back to being grateful for my body). So for my third thought of the day, "My kids may sometimes be hard to raise but I am lucky to have had them and am lucky they are alive and well."


Kambria Smith said...

I actually kinda like the necklace. It's not something that I would initially be drawn to, but you can pull it off. I vote yes.

And that is so true about our bodies! I am in anatomy this semester and while it is kicking my butt and taking tons of time, it is SO AMAZING how our bodies work and develop and process the world it lives in. And it's so cool to learn about it form a teacher who can openly bear his testimony about God and what he has created for us. thanks for sharing! It's good to sit back and realize things.

Emmy said...

LOVE that last statement. Found this post from your recap. This truly is a wonderful post and you are right, it is so easy to take things for granted.