Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Tonight, I am frustrated (sorry, youre getting a lot of angry posts lately...p.m.s.).

I am frustrated that not only do I have to work but I come home to a messy house and the most awesome, stressful, cute, frustrating, beautiful children.

I am frustrated that Wednesdays are so hard for us because my kids are used to going to Grandma's and they have a hard time staying at home all day with me. I want them to like me more. I know they love me but they aren't used to being home with me and that hurts.

I am frustrated that I'm being selfish, especially after my last post. I know we all have trials and mine still seem big to me but they really aren't big in the grand scheme of life.

And lastly, I'm frustrated that I'm crying. I don't like breaking down and crying often. I'm crying because Petey just broke another toy right in front of me, that she keeps getting dvd's out and opening them, that my son is sick AGAIN, and that my great life (because in reality, I have it pretty good) doesnt seem so great right now.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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