Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: She's learning so much!

This week was the perfect week to link up with Emmy for my Proud Mommy Moment.

My sweet Petey is just the biggest girl these days! I sometimes have a hard time believing she's doing things that I remember learning at her same age. Can she really be that old?

The truth is, yes she can! She celebrates her half birthday tomorrow. I remember being 4 1/2. Such fun times.

Anyway, my girly is learning a lot and her personality, when she's happy, just lights up my day. Enjoy these videos from yesterday and today. She is quite the little turkey.

When she gets the sillies, she makes everyone around her laugh.
This week, she learned how to start the swing all by herself.
She has learned how to do the monkey bars halfway across.
She learned how to do a semi-cartwheel. This one has taken a while and she's been trying to get that correct motion down. I'm so proud that she finally got it!
And she also learned how to do handstands! Some of them are pretty high and she's getting really good at getting her legs up there.
I am absolutely, positively a proud mommy. I love that my girl is learning things that I used to spend hours outside doing. I love that she is still a carefree child. I know how NOT carefree life gets when you are older and it's fun to see my children enjoying the lives they are living right now. And that's how Suze sees it.

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Emmy said...

"Peace out Woman!" too funny.
And so impressed with her cartwheels- I think she does them better than me! She is so cute! And yes os many things to be proud of.
Thanks so much for linking up