Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time Out for Women 2012

Well, it's official. Both of my out of state sisters have gone back home to California and Virginia. I wish they both could've staye forever but I guess their husband's and homes were important to them or something... ;)

This past weekend was Time Out for Women, which has become a tradition that my sisters and I usually do with my mom. It was, of course, a wonderful weekend but what was even more wonderful was having my sisters here for longer than just 2 days.

Last Thursday, before TOFW, we headed to Vertuccio Farms with all of the kiddos.
We started at the front and the kids spent a lot of time in this bounce house.

 My sister, Andrea, with her beautiful daughter, Ellie. Just click on the links on the side to baby Ellie if you want to see how BIG she's gotten since the last time I saw her. 5 months makes a huge difference on a baby!
 Petey was having so much fun being surrounded by cousins.
 I love this picture of my nephew, K Bear, in mid-air. I wish the lighting was better but click on the picture to see that silly kiddo flying.
 Of course, all of us adults had to try this out to see who could get the highest. I am proud to say that I am still the strongest because I got a 7.5 and noone else went higher than that. :)
 Spidey decided it was more fun to hitch a ride on the teeter totter and let the other kids do all the work.

I wish I had the super hilarious pictures of us jumping on the huge bubble thing at Vertuccio but sadly, they are on my sisters' cameras. If they ever send them to me, Ill make sure to post them.
 That night, I did a lot of snuggling with this sad little boy, whom we've nicknamed Bugsy. I'll explain why in a couple of pictures...
 Poor Bug has colic and reflux and has a hard time whenever his tummy is hurting.
 But >this< girl is apparently really good at getting him to calm down and sleep...and sometimes even smile! He is such a cutie and I love my nephew so much!
Here is why we call him Bugsy. If you've ever seen Bedtime Stories, you might know what I'm talking about. :)
 Here are all of us at TOFW. Yay for breastfeeding parties. :) I love Karin and my face in this picture. I promise we were just being silly. Nursing doesn't really gross us out. Well, maybe a little...but not really.
 My buddy during TOFW. This kid really likes me! Everyone would have trouble getting him to sleep and I would hold him and he'd be out in a minute. I loved feeling needed by him. My arms were feeling pretty empty with all of the babies around and I am so grateful to Bug for letting me be his second mom for the weekend. He really made my weekend a lot happier and easier.
 Jamie took a picture of Andrea and I with Jericho Road. Unfortunatly, I look like a complete idiot but this is the ONLY picture we got with them. I absolutely loved them performing at TOFW. They are pretty hilarious and amazing singers.
 Jamie stuffed Mini G in her TOFW tote bag. :)
 Karin did the same thing with Bugsy but looked a little bit creepy doing it...
 Isn't this the cutest picture? I am not sure why it's half blue but I do love that Bug was smiling for my picture too.
 We came back Saturday night and Sunday, the whole family got together again. We tried to get a picture of all 3 granddaughters but Ellie just wanted to grabb Mini G. :)
 Later, I got this adorable picture of the two oldest granddaughters. Aren't they beautiful? Petey has been the only granddaughter for almost 4 years so it has been so fun to have more girlies around, even if they're a lot younger than her.
 Ok, this procession of pictures is hilarious. I wanted a picture of everyone snuggling on the couch but K Bear closed his eyes.
 Then, after we told him to keep them open, Spidey purposefully closed his.
 In the last picture, Petey and K Bear are trying REALLY hard to keep their eyes wide open. Maybe we should've nicknamed one of them Bugsy...
 Two buddies. They are exactly 18 months apart and they get along pretty well. I love Petey having so many cousins to play with.
And let's just end it on this note...I have the cutest son!!! :)

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