Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

 Halloween was a ton of fun this year, once Spidey got over the initial shock of scary costumes and mean people jumping out of hidden places scaring him. We had a trunk or treat at our church on Saturday that I posted a picture of a couple of days ago. Spidey dressed up as Captain America (a birthday gift from us) and Petey decided to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
The rule for Petey this year was that she could pick anything we already had. So she picked Belle for Saturday's party, Tinkerbell when she dressed up for dance class on Monday, and on Halloween, she picked her costume from 2 years ago, a punk rock princess.
Boy howdy, we went all out this year with her costume and she loved every bit of it.
Spidey was kind of obsessed with this costume all weekend and it is super dirty now. He wore the mask more days than not and loved being a super hero. Captain America is his favorite Avenger and I'm glad he gets to have his own 'manly' dress up to play with now. :)
 Petey in her punk rock princess outfit---this was before we went all out and made it super awesome at night.
 Bruiser was with us during the day on Halloween so he dressed up as Sparky and we went to a pot luck at my dad's office. The kiddos had a lot of fun showing off their costumes but mostly, they just love playing in the waiting room with all of the trains. :)
 That night, my kids looked so adorable that I had to get some pictures of them outside our house before it got dark.
 My little Captain America is such a strong little dude!
 And he has the cutest smile ever!
 Petey really should be a model but since I don't really want her to do that, she is happy to model for my camera. I did not once tell her how to pose and she gave me tons of options. :) She is so funny about moving her body a different, creative way for each picture. It's almost scary...

 Seriously, her poses are killing me! She is so funny and serious about giving me all these different poses!

 Her pink hair was her absolute favorite but second in line was being allowed to wear some make up. She had fun being a punk rock princess this year! She got asked by someone if she was Madonna, though. Not sure why but oh well. I thought she looked adorable. :)
We had a great time at my parents neighborhood party and then went trick or treating to a few houses in their area before heading home. It is so fun to see how excited my kids get about these fun holidays. I remember feeling that way as a kid too and it makes me happy to pass that on to them.

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Shay said...

Oh my gosh her posing kills me- your kids are adorable!