Friday, February 8, 2013


There is just something about having a sensitive little girl that forces you to get used to all of the crying.

Crying over a spilled drink.
Crying over the wrong food.
Crying over little taunts from her brother.
Crying over having to do chores.
Crying over her bow being broken {granted, I can make her a new one in minutes}.
Crying over the wrong stuffed animal being placed in her bed.
Crying over whether I turn certain lights on in the house {seriously...}.

As you can imagine, that is a lot of crying. I know she probably gets it from her mom but I do not remember being that way publicly. I'm more of a hide-in-my-room-and-cry-it-out kind of girl. My daughter is a cry-anywhere-anytime-for-any-reason kind of girl.
I was so excited when we were getting family pictures done because I wanted some updated ones of my kids together. But of course, it was freezing outside and that made Petey cry. Of course, she didn't cry during the extended family pictures or even our little family pictures...she only cried when it was time to take individuals with her brother. Her cute little nose and cheeks are bright pink in the pictures and none of them are amazing. Some are cute, none are amazing.
Anyway, I'm still grateful for her. I love her tons and tons and more TONS. Or as she says, "I love you infinity!"
But I could do with a little bit less of those tears. ;)