Friday, February 22, 2013

Sickness Once Again

Remember that time I posted about my son being sick with strep throat? Oh wait, that was 2 days ago...
Well, now it was Petey's turn to be sick again {which seems unfair since she was literally sick 9 days ago}.
This was her last night. She was having a blast on the trampoline with the boys.
 But poor girlie woke up miserable today and was running a fever. Of course, my immediate concern was that she had gotten strep throat from her brother.
 So the doctors office is where we headed.
 I had to sneak in this adorable picture of Spidey. He is SO cute!

Her pediatrician {Grandpa} said she is either getting over strep throat or just starting to get strep throat (as in, possibly her sickness 9 days ago was strep and we didn't know it) so since he needed to put her on antibiotics either way, we didn't even culture her to see if she has the strep throat right now.

Boss is gone camping with my little brother so we had planned to have a fun day together but since I wasn't sure if Petey was contagious, we got her on antibiotics first thing this morning and decided to see what fun we could have at home.
 My kids absolutely love Play Doh. It was a highlight of their day to be able to make a mess and create silly little things with their huge Play Doh set.
 Can you tell I was making sure my girly was hydrated all day? Red gatorade was her best friend. :)

In the afternoon, Petey was actually SO much happier and we decided to keep our fun dinner plans.
 I took her to her favorite place for some chicken wings and she was a totally different little girl. She was smiling and having a great time and I'm glad we decided to get out of the house for a bit.
 Both of the kids got tattoos and were so happy. I love how happy little things make my kids.

When we got home, I sent my Lil Mr to bed but I let Petey stay up since she had napped for a while during the day.
 She wanted to play doctor with her stuffed animals and I had to snap some pictures.
 She is such a sweet little girl.
She ended the night by falling asleep watching Spiderman on Netflix. She is such a little cutie.

It has been a crazy week full of fun activities, sickness, and other crazy things and it makes me so grateful for my family and the things that fill my every day life.

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