Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes simple things are hard

Sometimes, I wonder how I got where I am today as a parent. Petey was born when I was only 20 years old. Her first 2 years of life are kind of a blur to me and I have a hard time remembering what it ever felt like to just have her. I used to think I was really good at parenting and discipline but was I really?

I have hard days where I wonder if I'm making the right decisions as a parent. Am I pushing my kids too hard or not hard enough? Am I making sure they know that I love them? Am I teaching them how much God loves them? Am I teaching them that there is nothing more important than knowing God loves them?

I'm sure I'm not the only parent who wonders these things but after days like yesterday, I really have to step back and question if what I'm doing is right.  
In the end, when I seem to suck at making decisions regarding my children, Boss is always there to pick up the pieces I've broken throughout the day. He really is the best dad. When I'm too busy worrying about what I want for the kids, he reminds me of what they need. I lucked out marrying him and I absolutely know it.

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