Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Decisions and Judging

"Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening; it just stops you from enjoying the good." -Unknown

I'm a worrier. Have I mentioned that before? Oh, I have? Well, here we go again.

If it wasn't for my worrying mind, life would be much easier. It would still be hard, but it'd be easiER. I'm learning that worrying diminishes my faith. If I have faith, there is no reason to worry. God gave me this life because He knew I could live it and He knew I'd be ok in the end. So why worry?
There seems to be so much to worry about but I've decided to just stop. I've had to come to some really hard conclusions lately and worrying that those decisions aren't right has taken away from the Spiritual answer I received in the first place. Why is it so hard to trust an answer to prayer when it is so clearly in front of me? Because it's scary sometimes.

It's scary to feel like we might be alone or judged or even ridiculed for the choices we make. It's scary to think about the repercussions because sometimes there are bad repercussions even when we are making the right decision. Does that even make sense? I know I'm trusting in my Heavenly Father but I also know that my life will still be hard for a while. Good choices don't always equal good consequences right away. Sometimes it takes a little bit of pain before we get to feel the good. That makes the right choices harder to make.

Sometimes I feel stuck; like no matter what decision I make, there is heartache ahead. I don't know if I've ever really been faced with a decision like that before but it's here now and it's hard. I'm learning so much about my judgements toward others. Mostly, I'm just learning to NEVER judge anyone...never...ever. You have no idea what someone's whole life is like. You have no idea if they are making decisions based on selfishness or the Spirit, what their living situation is, how they are treated every day, what they feel like on the inside, how much money they have, how they were raised, their past, etc. I could seriously go on forever. The point is we just don't know everything about anyone else's life. We may think we do but honestly, we don't.  And we can't. Everyone reacts to situations differently so we can't judge someone for the choices they made in any given situation. That choice is between them and God.

So there's my tangent. Can you tell how strongly I feel about that right now? I hate being in the position of "judged" and it's taught me to leave others the frick alone! Seriously. So next time you see someone who is different and you feel like judging them for it, just don't. Once you start viewing others as children of God, it'll be easier to love them, no matter their choices. Isn't that what Christ would do? And aren't we striving to become more like Him? I know I am.
Pick up your friends. Support the people in your life. Don't look at their lives and find the negatives. Everyone has positives in their life if you look hard enough. Some might be more hidden but those are the ones probably in more need of love than anyone else.

Love unconditionally.

Pray every day.

Try putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

View everyone as a child of God.

Hopfully, this will help us all to become more like the only perfect man to ever walk this earth.

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