Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cheese Sandwiches and Cucumbers

Did anybody else dress up in their dad's big t-shirts growing up and put a belt around it to make it a dress? Oh, that was just my sisters and I? Oh, ok, nevermind.
Petey found her uncle's shirt the other day and decided to put it on. Aunt Andrea had the idea to put a belt around it and it made Petey's day! Seriously, it was adorable.
But back to the point which I haven't started to make yet...

Four days ago, Aunt Andrea bought Petey some special pinkalicious cupcakes from the store. Petey was told if she finished her dinner, she would get to have one.
It was pizza night and Petey did not finish. {My weird little one doesnt care for pizza like the rest of us.}
The next afternoon for lunch, we tried again. I cant even remember what we were having but Petey did not finish her food again.
It was really surprising me because usually she will do anything for a treat.

Yesterday, we had cheese sandwiches and cucumbers for lunch. Miss Petey was doing so good until it came to the crust. But I stood my ground. If she wanted her pink cupcake, she would need to finish the crust and the cucumber.

She thought about it, all the while staring at that pinkalicious goodness in front of her.

And then...she pushed through and ate all of her food! Every. Last. Bite.

Sweet {literally} victory was hers that day.

And victory was also mine. I wasn't a pushover. I'm usually not that way but there are still times I give in. I hate giving in. I only do it when I'm being lazy.

I stayed strong and I'm sure that pinkalicious cupcake tasted all the more amazing to her after what she had to accomplish to get it.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Andrea and JP said...

Cute Suz! I like your post, and I would never think of you as a pushover mom!