Friday, July 15, 2011

Working Mom vs SAHM

Well, yesterday I went back to work. It isn't permanent but for two weeks, I will be a full time working mama.
I was excited and sad to say goodbye to my two little chicklets yesterday morning.
I really do love working for my dad. I love the people, the children, and the atmosphere. I even love the drama. :)
But I love my kids more. And I want to be with them more.
Yesterday went by so fast and I had such a good time at work but when I got home, it was especially nice to have two little people run and grab onto my legs and tell me they love me.
But my goodness, it took about 20 minutes for my stress levels to rise high above normal. The kids were wild and crazy and I was tired.

My dad jokingly asked me when I was going to come back to work full time (I must be pretty good at what I do) and I thought about it for a while that night.

Being at work isnt actually the hardest part of being a working mom. It was the coming home and not knowing what my kids' routine had been that day that was more stressful. I didn't know how much they had cried, laughed, gone to the bathroom, played outside, etc and I couldn't detect the moods they'd be in.

It was harder for me to be a mom when I hadnt been with them all day.

I never realized how much this is true. Today was the same. I came home, we had a great 20 minute reunion and then I was worn out and was counting down until bedtime.

I am so darn grateful for the opportunity I have to help out and go back to work when needed.

But my goodness, I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom every other week of the year. I have now fully experienced both sides and would have to say that I'd rather raise my kids every day of the year than work 9 hours a day and come home to them with only 1/4 of my regular energy.

The only other downfall to working has been the sadness of Miss Petey. This morning, she woke up before I went to work and said to me, "Mom, could you please snuggle with me before you go to work?" And right before I left, she said, "Wait! Just one more thing...I love you so much!" It melted my heart!

And that's how Suze sees it.

PS: I may not be around the blogging world much the next two weeks. Working full days, my sister getting married, and a trip to California (Hello, Disneyland!!!) are going to take precedence over my blog. But Ill stop by once in a while. :)

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