Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi and Bye

Oh, hi there. Do I look wide eyed and a bit frazzled to you? Well, trust me, that's how I feel. It's been a crazy, stressful, non stop kind of day and I am one exhausted momma.
But I seriously havent blogged in 8 days. What the???
I apologize for that nonsense. But itll be another 8-10 days before you get another blog post. Because we are headed to the beach. Heck-freaking-yes.
But in case you feel like you missed out on the last week, here are some updates:

Spidey is still the cutest little boy in the entire world. He talks like crrrazy and is always doing the funniest things. Yesterday, he had a messy diaper and Boss said, "Bubba, you stink." and Spidey quickly retorted, "No, YOU stink." He is just full of the sillies. He likes to reach for a person, pretend to grab them and then pretend to eat what he grabbed. ???'d probably have to see him do it to imagine what I'm explaining. But it's weird and funny all at the same time. {Yes, my son pretends to eat people.}
Petey and I had a HARD day today. I was so tired by the end of today and so was she. And bad choice after bad choice got her sent to bed at 6:30pm. Our day went as followed: Dentist appt at 7am, work from 8-12pm, DES office from 12:15-3:15pm, Dentist appt at 3:30 (they messed up my porcelain crown so it had to be sent back to the lab and they put it in that afternoon), Oil change at Walmart from 4:30-6:00pm. And that's around the time when the meltdown ensued.
But the greatest part about today was that it was my last day working! I've been filling in at my dad's office for the past two weeks and now it's over. I had such a great time but I missed my kiddies SO darn much and now I dont ever want to leave them again {except when they're throwing huge temper tantrums.}.

Also, my big sister recently announced she is pregnant! Who am I kidding, she told me she was pregnant the day she took the test. But she announced it to the world a week or two ago and I forgot to tell you. I am SO excited for another little baby to join our extended family. And I'm even more excited about the possible fact that Petey might not be the only granddaughter anymore! {Because when youre planning a trip to Disneyland, it's hard to convince your sisters who have all boys to stand in line with you and your daughter for 2 1/2 hrs to meet the princesses.}

And my other big sister is now a married woman! The last of us sisters to get married. Yippee! (Besides my youngest sister who, as you might remember, has special needs and wont ever get married.) It was a fun-packed weekend and Petey was the cutest little flower girl---except that she forgot to throw any flower petals on the ground as she walked down the aisle. But when she came and sat down next to me, she said, "Mom, can I throw the petals on the floor now?" Yeah...I guess we didnt explain that one well enough to her.

Also, Boss has 1 more week (actually, less) of summer school with two more classes under his belt. And the fall semester starts in 2 weeks! He is such a hard worker.

You see, SO much has been going on and we are ending the busy month of July with a huge vacation! Ill tell you ALL about it {maybe in more than one post} when we get back! See you in another 8-10 days. :)

And that's how Suze sees it.

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Shalyn said...

That first picture of you is super cute! I was going to post your guest post this weekend, but I will post it when you get back instead:-) Have so much fun and thanks for sending one!