Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Sister's First Word

I have a very special little sister. Actually, I have 4 of them but this particular sister is quite unique and so very special to the rest of us. She is autistic and doesnt speak at all. She is 20 years old now and the youngest of us sisters. {She's the one in the middle}
I remember when we were little, I used to have dreams that she would speak and wake up believing they were she was just fooling us and choosing not to speak.
Well, it isnt true. As smart as she is {and she is smart}, she doesnt speak. She can read and type on her communicating device but her mouth has never created true pronunciations of words...

...until today.

Currently, we are staying at my parents' house and babysitting my little sister while my parents are out of town. As I walked down the hallway today, I was stunned to hear what sounded like talking coming from the playroom. I quietly peered through the door to see my sister playing with her blocks and saying, "Mommmmmmm-ma." quite clearly, over and over again.

I quickly called my older sister in the room (the one on the right in the picture) and she told me to record it on my phone, which I did. I sent it to my parents and told them to give me a call when they were free.

When my mom called, I didnt quite know how to feel. Was I supposed to cry at this enormous break through? Was I supposed to laugh? Call someone? Announce it to the world?

Because I am not sure my sister knows what she is saying, this may not constitute a "first word" label but it is honestly the first thing she has ever said, besides her constant humming. So with permission from my parents, I knew this was blog worthy.

My sister is such a special, smart girl. She is always surprising us with something new. I think she was around 12 years old when my parents learned that she could read and type on the computer. It seems that ever since then, she is always learning something new. A couple years back, we learned that she has the entire hymn book from our church memorized. All 300-and-something pages of it! We like to play a game where we will write down the name of a hymn and have her read it, and she can flip straight to it.

It amazes me how special this young girl is. She has touched my life in so many ways and I am so lucky to be learning from such an amazing daughter of God.

I heard from someone once that Heavenly Father sends these special children to earth with their handicaps because he is protecting them for much greater things in the next life. I believe that is true and know that my sister is truly perfect.

And that's how Suze sees it.


Spencer Morse said...

So cool. I remember when she was figuring out her communication computer. How did your momma respond?

Jenna said...

That's really neat, Suzanne! And that's so cool she has the hymnal memorized!

Ken_and_Becky said...

How exciting!! Makes you wonder if she's said any other words when you weren't around, hehe. I always wonder what these guys will be like when they receive their perfect bodies. That's awesome that she has the hymn book memorized - that's a cool skill! If you taught her to lead music, she could conduct in church :) My brother Charlie knows all of the 50 states and capitals (or at least he did at one point) and he's been learning chinese from watching Ni Hao Kai Lan. We had him say some words to my cousin who went on his mission to Taiwan and he was pretty impressed, hehe. I'm curious how your mom reacted too...

Alicia Fish said...

Beautiful. This brought tears to my eyes. Your family is so incredibly important and special to me! I can only imagine what you all must be feeling. I'm just thrilled!

dan and ashley said...

yea for candace!

Amanda and David Jones said...

This brought tears to my eyes too. But I can't cry because I'm at my desk at work and people would think I was nuts! :)