Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Faith

 In 2011, I had a view of where my life would be.
That view was this picture plus one more little one on the way.

That view wasn't a reality.

So I just knew 2012 was going to be the year that view changed to reality. 
Well, hi there, 2013. Where did you come from?

Even though that view is still just a far-away-and possibly-not-going-to-happen view, I am beyond excited for 2013.

And even more than the excitement of 2013, I am grateful for the year 2012.

It is the year:
-Petey learned how to ride a big girl bike.
-Spidey REFUSED to ride the big boy bike or 3 wheeled scooter he got for birthdays/Christmas.
-Boss got a new job and decided on a different career path.
-Petey learned how to write her name.
-I got a gym membership and lost 15 pounds, gained it back, then lost 10 again. (Story of my awesome life)
-My kids met their favorite doggy friend, Paco, and then said goodbye to him later in the year.
-Baby Ellie was born.
-Boss' brother married a wonderful girl.
-Boss shaved Spidey's head.
-Petey cut her own hair.
-We went to Legoland.
-I was called to be in the Relief Society presidency.
-I followed through with my resolutions and organized my house mroe than ever {though it's current condition doesn't show that}.
-My kids were on the cover of a magazine.
-I learned how to cook more than one meal that my husband approves of.
-Boss was in his friend's wedding and looked dashing in his tux.
-Petey turned FOUR.
-Spidey turned THREE.
-I turned TWENTY FIVE.
-Boss turned TWENTY SEVEN.
-We got a zoo membership that we use almost every week.
-Petey learned how to swim.
-Spidey learned how to recognize his ABC's.
-Petey started dance class.
-Spidey learned how to poop paint.
-Spidey managed to need dermabond (strong glue to seal deep cuts) for two different injuries.
-I learned how to french braid.
-We painted and redecorated 3 rooms in our house.
-Bugsy was born.
-A week later, Mini G was born.
-Two of Boss' brothers got engaged.
-We bought a new van.
-Spidey realized his love for The Avengers.
-Petey realized her love for Hello Kitty.
-Petey learned how to do a perfect bridge.
-My sisters and I sang the National Anthem at an ASU game.

So as you can see, 2012 was a great year. Our family has grown so much by the trials and miracles that have been placed in our lives. I truly am thankful for this past year and wouldn't trade the memories we've made for anything.

2013 is going to be a year of good change for our family. Whether our family grows in size or grows in knowledge alone, we look forward to everything 2013 brings us.

My word for 2013 is faith.

Most specifically, faith in His plan for us. Whatever God has in store for us, I hope to be ready for.

I don't have a long list of goals for this year because having faith in God's timing is the most important thing right now. The only goal I am adding to my list is to attend the temple once a month in 2013. I made that goal in 2012 and even though I only remembered to go 7 of the months, it changed my life so much. If I am going to continue having faith in God, I know temple attendance needs to be a priority in my life.

I hope each of you recognizes the blessings you received in 2012 and look forward to what God will bring you in 2013. I know He has a plan for everyone.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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