Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Wedding Thoughts

 Remember that one time when my main squeeze was in a wedding? Yes, that would be the same wedding where  I gave my son alcohol. {PS: The video at the end of that blog post almost had me in tears a minute ago...I love my children!!!}
Well, we had a great time. We love weddings. Weddings are fun.

Speaking of weddings, remember when Boss' brother got married an entire year ago? {How has it been that long?}
At that wedding, I captured my favorite picture to date of my niece, Miss B. Seriously, that girl is gorgeous.
Well, that would be the last wedding in our family until now. Petey remembers 'Uncle Fatty's' wedding and when I told her Uncle Aaron was getting married in February, she said, "What, so Uncle Fatty didn't want to get married again? Whatever..."
I don't think she quite understands that the goal is to only get married once. We'll work on teaching her that.
You thought I had some big post about weddings or a particular wedding coming up, didn't you?
Well, I don't. I really just wanted to share that funny comment that my girl said today.
But alas, I'll give you something else to laugh about tonight.
At church on Sunday, I was talking to my kids about Jesus during the sacrament and I said, "Spidey, what did Jesus do for you?"
His reply, "He punched me in the face."
I guess we have a lot of teaching to do around here.
PS: My favorite thing about Spidey right now is that instead of saying, "That's a girl baby!" or "That girl is running.", he says, "That's a princess baby!" or "That princess is running." He also calls me a princess throughout the day. It's just about the sweetest thing!

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