Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finding the Good

I was feeling defeated early in the week. A lot of things seemed to go wrong all at the same time and I wanted to give up.
But I mustered up some patience and decided things could get better still.

So I strapped on my big girl boots on Friday and showered myself and even got around to doing my hair.
I felt good---and extremely sarcastic because I posted that selfie on Facebook.

It took a lot to realize it's actually been a good week, with some harder days and some easier. I just need to find the good and hold it tight.
 Good #1: Petey performed at the Suns basketball halftime show and was incredible. I know, I'm her mom so of course I would say that but I'm being serious. Petey isn't always super confident and she often looks to the other girls in her group to see what she should be doing next. Well, not this week! This performance, my girl was confident and smiling while doing the moves slightly ahead of her group. I know normally that isn't a good thing but I was proud that she knew the dance all on her own. Go Petey!


 Good #2: Yesterday was a fun date night in our family. Petey was headed to the daddy/daughter dance at school with her dad so Spidey and I got fancied up and went out to dinner. He was the best date ever and he even held the door for me. I love my boy so much!

Good #3: Then, today, my goodness today has been good to us. We started out by cleaning the church (Thanks for waking me up with a reminder, Lacey Lou!) and then went on a 3 mile bike ride---well, Petey rode her bike {her two wheeler!} and I jogged with Spidey in the jogging stroller. We stopped at a park 1.5 miles away and got to play together before heading back home. Then after grocery shopping, which was the only disasterous part of my day, we headed to the little park to play some more with friends.
I felt like an overachiever because I don't always play with my kids at the park. I let them play with their friends and I sit and talk to my friends. But I got up and helped Spidey play baseball with the big kids and he loved it. It felt awesome to get up and be with them instead of just sending them off like I usually do.

Should we top off this week with the end of the "goods"? Good #4: Tonight I cooked dinner! Is it silly how happy that makes me? And not only did I cook dinner, I cooked extra chicken that I'll use throughout next week in meals.

Weirdest part of today? At 5pm, before dinner mind you, Spidey said he was going to lay down and when I went to tell him dinner was ready, he was fast asleep. Fast forward to 7pm, Petey came over and said goodnight and just put herself to bed. Seriously. I did nothing. I guess that's what a full day of playing will do to you!

I feel like this week had so much good in it and that makes me so grateful to my Heavenly Father. It doesn't matter if I struggle, there will always be good in my life and I'm so thankful for that.

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