Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Our Own Kind of Family"

 I had a post almost finished this afternoon before leaving it to go pick up some things from my sister's house.

And then things changed.

After a pretty good day, we took a turn for the worst tonight when the kids had a random melt down at the same time about the divorce. This happens on occasion but tonight was different. Both kids were crying and telling me they didn't like living at my house. They explained that they miss their dad so much and want to go live with him.
Petey said, "I don't want you to be sad so I'm just going to tell you I like living at your house instead of telling you the truth!"
Spidey called his dad and said, "I'm so sad that you and mom are not married. I want you to live all together again!"
So many more things were said and we ended our drive all in tears, all needing some time to cuddle on the couch and talk some things through. I had to explain that mom and dad weren't going to be married ever again and that we wouldn't ever be living together. The kids were heartbroken and couldn't seem to grasp that things would never be going back to the way they were. Petey cried and brought me our favorite book to read on really hard "divorce is hard" nights.
I got a giftcard to Shutterfly in January and knew I wanted to write my kids a book about our changing lives. Maybe it seems corny but this book has really helped my kids to understand all of this in a more simple way.
So here we go. You get to read my book. :) I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

As you can see, the main point of the book is to let our kids know they will ALWAYS be loved. Always, always, always. Nothing is ever going to change that. I hope that is something I can instill in their minds so that when things feel rough, they know they are loved.


Jenna Foote said...

That is so sweet and such a great idea for helping your young children get through such a tough challenge.

jobees said...

I will love them forever, too. And the Queen. And the King.
Love, a Queen Mother

Tiffany Crespin said...

Love the book, I know its hard and I hope all the best to you and your little ones. You are a stong woman and a wonderful mother. Things will get better with time.
Wishing all the best,

RJ said...

Holy crap this was amazing! I am making one, thank you so much for sharing yours. XOXXOX