Friday, March 28, 2014


I have a lot of sisters.
Growing up in a family of girls (until age 10 when we adopted my brother) was one of my favorite things about growing up.
It's funny how I perceive the girl fights and the drama because mixed in were a lot of laughs and late night talks.
It was worth the drama.
My sisters teach me. This certain sister in particular has taught me more about how special we all are.
She doesn't speak at all but she's amazingly smart and I love it when I get to see her smile.
 She happens to be the only sister younger than me and I loved being her older sister. I am grateful for the experience of being close in age to her because I got to teach this sister a lot and spend a lot of time with her growing up.

I'm grateful for the 'olders' too.
 I remember many times laying next to my older sisters and having them read me books and falling asleep to their voices.
 I remember the "We're best buddies, yeah!" chant this sister and I made up as kids and I still consider her my best buddy.
 I remember matching clothes and Easter dresses and shopping together many times.
 I remember loving to give gifts...can you tell? Even in the picture, I'm motioning to make sure everyone knows I got her that "rad-i-cool" shirt!
 I remember when my bestest buddy broke my collar bone---because even sisters fight dirty sometimes. :) And I still loved her and wanted to be her best friend.
 We took many family trips and sang many car songs together. On top of that, my older sisters and I have sung on numerous occasions together in church and even at the ASU basketball games.
 One day, we all grew up. We all became mothers (besides Candace---our awesomely special needs sister). And we are all still friends.

We are all different and unique and live different lives but we love each other so much.
And our dad loves to throw pillows at us when we're taking pictures together...

The End!

PS: Mostly I wrote this because we are having a girls night tonight and I can't wait to spend the night with my sisters and mom {We'll miss you, Karin!}. I'm one lucky gal.

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