Friday, December 18, 2009

My Angels


I love him.

I adore him.

And I just can't get enough of him!

This sweet angel boy is getting chubbier, his eyes ar getting more blue, and his hair looks more fire red every day! (please don't go away red hair, please, Im begging!)

He smiles like CRAZY, has a dimple just like his sister, and loves his pacifiers.

I miss him all day at work, brag about him to everyone, and cannot wait to get home so we can play. I feel this same way about his sister and treat my days the same as far as she goes. I just love my kids!

Two days ago, while rushing to get somewhere and getting on the freeway, a car cut me off and I yelled "You jackass!" and I hear a tiny voice in the back of the car repeat, "Jatass". Whoops! Apparently, that is the end of that word. (though my mom will argue to her death bed that it is not a swear word and only implies you are dumb like a donkey)

Fastforward to yesterday morning, as I am dropping off the kids with their Nana. Neyo sneezes and I hear a sweet little voice say "Bessoo, baby" (obviously, that's baby spelling for Bless you, baby, in case you didnt get that in the first place).

And then there's last night, when I ask Hayley to hand me the remote (which she knows she isnt supposed to touch) and she throws it right at me, raises her eyebrows, and just walks away. I could NOT stop laughing. How do you discipline a kid when you're laughing?!! And how do you discipline a kid who is so creative in her sassiness that it stuns you too much to get mad at her? It just isn't an easy thing to do.

My little Petey talks so much these days---almost too much---and just adores her brother, probably as much as I do.

I couldn't have asked for better kids.

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