Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Navy Customer Service

I sent this letter to Old Navy this morning. It explains everything and I am very angry.

Old Navy Customer Service:
On December 8th, I was in your store on Baseline and Cooper Rd in Mesa, AZ. I purchased four items and my bill came up to be $50.04. I handed the cashier a $100 from my Christmas bonus at work and a nickel I found at the last minute in the bottom of my purse. I had been talking to the cashier about the weather and she seemed really nice up until the point when she seemed to get really nervous and handed me a wad of cash for my change. I felt really awkward all of a sudden and in my mind I thought, “I need to check how much change she gave me.” My 18 month old daughter started to cry and the thought left my mind until the next morning, when I remembered the wadded up cash and went to check the amount. The amount total was $30.00, consisting of a $20 bill, a $5 bill and five $1 bills. My heart sank as I realized she had short changed me by $20. I quickly called the Old Navy store and spoke to a manager, who said she would get back to me in a couple of hours to let me know if the drawers were over $20. After 5 hours of waiting, I called the store back and spoke to a different manager who assured me all drawers were accounted for and no cash register was over. I explained my situation to him and tried to politely let him know that if his drawers were all balancing, he had a dishonest employee who had taken my $20. He made me feel like I was the liar and I quickly hung up the phone, very disappointed in a store I have been coming to for years. I am very angered to know that a dishonest employee is working at this store and possibly taking Christmas money from other people. Twenty dollars may not seem like a lot but it is to me and my family. I have talked to many friends and family about this situation, who are also angered that Old Navy would not trust me as the customer. I still have my receipt and any information you might need to fix this because this situation may cause you to lose a lot of business. I can no longer trust Old Navy with my purchases if such things as important as a dishonest employee are going to be pushed under the table. I will continue to not recommend Old Navy to anyone I know if this situation is ignored. I have really loved Old Navy since I was a young girl but being treated the way I was on the phone with the managers and employees of Old Navy has made me lose trust in the honesty of this company.



dan and ashley said...

dang! you go girl
~ashley mascorro

kelly said...

that stinks! i hate those times when you think you should do something but don't because of any of a number of reasons. i've learned about those times the hard way. stupid cashier! :(

ps - this is a public blog no? maybe you don't want your cell phone number on there?