Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Right and Wrong

Life is not perfect.
Sometimes it can seem that way.
But it isnt always.
In the split second that I started writing this, my life just got a little better when I recieved a text from my husband that said, "Youre the best. I love you heaps and heaps!" Mind you, he is in the other room. And when I texted him back he yells, "Hey I'm trying to sleep, quit texting me." Imagine a hint of sarcasm and humor in his voice and you've mastered our conversation via typing. Good for you!
There are many things wrong with my life right now...

...and there are many things right with it!

This is just simply life, right? I know things will never be perfect so I've come to accept things the way they are and make do with what I've got. Having four day work weeks has helped A LOT. When I feel like a stay at home mom, even just for a day that most others work, I feel productive, happy, and creative. I want to take cookies to a neighbor or take my kids to the park and dance in the grass with Petey. This one day a week makes me feel free! I feel alive. I feel like a mother...not that I didn't before but I felt like I didn't even know my children's routine. Now have a whole day to myself with just them and nobody else---except for my two nephews whom I will start watching in January. But this new change has helped me to feel like I have some control over my life. If your husband is in school full time, works part time, is doing homework the rest of the time and you've got to work full time to make ends meet while juggling building a relationship with two children, then you know exactly what I mean.

And that's the way Suze sees it.

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