Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am back

Where have I been???

With this guy, that's where I've been.

I am so in love with this guy. More today than I was 3 years ago.

I will admit, we are a hard couple. Many times, I feel like we have to work harder than the average couple to keep our marriage alive. Maybe it's true and maybe it's not. I am not in your home 24/7 so I would have no way of proving this fact. But it's how I feel.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago my husband kept me up one night laughing. I am serious, he just kept me laughing for the longest time! We talked and just had a perfect night. And the next night, same thing. There is just something that switched in our minds (or at least my mind). He has always made me happy but this was different. This was laughter so hard my sides hurt. It was love so deep I will never forget it. I feel like even though things are hard, they are right.

On Valentine's day, my husband had to work. Yuck! I was sad that he was not home and had myself a pity party. The kids were napping and I just lay down and cried. When he came home, he brought me a huge cookie from work that said "SE7EN", which to us means 'I love you'. It was the sweetest thing. That Tuesday, we celebrated Valentine's day two days late and went to dinner kid's free. It was a fun night and I realized how important it is to spend time alone. This has always been a hard thing for me since I work all day and want to spend all night with my husband AND kids. He has a hard time convincing me to get a babysitter but we had a blast alone and I am learning to hand the kids to someone else once in a while.

It's a process. I love my life and I love my family but I also realize what a process our lives together are. We have to make mistakes and learn from them in order to grow stronger.

And we are.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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