Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Old Lady

Disclaimer: I love my husband and would NEVER hold a grudge (yea right). This post is not for the purpose of showing my anger towards him but to spill my feelings about a recent conversation...and maybe justify myself. I'm good at that, right?

While talking with my husband the other day, the subject of apparel came up. One minute, we were talking about the clothing and the next minute, he told me I dress like an old lady. Excuse me, what? An old lady? He proceeded to dig his hole deeper by stating that my MOM dressed cooler than me! What the...??? I promptly left the room and he apologized within minutes and that was that, right?


It has been bugging me ever since and the reason I put the term "yea right" in parenthesis after saying I don't hold a grudge is because it is completely untrue. I am holding a grudge! Every day when I get dressed, I think about that comment. Because I don't agree with it and because sometimes I feel like I cant do anything.

I feel like I cant do anything not only because I am overweight but also because I have had two babies. My husband would love me to be in a band tshirt and skinny jeans and trust me, I'd like it too but t shirts arent my thing right now. I just havent melted enough fat on my belly yet. So I resort to empire waists and loose fitting tops...and you don't even want to know what type of jeans I wear.

Anyway, I think I do well with what I've got. If I could somehow mix bohemian type clothing (I know that sounds weird) with t shirt and jeans type clothing, my style would be all mine...but not right now. Right now it is half mine and that is just going to have to do.
By the way, have you ever seen an old lady in a top like this? (yeah I do take pictures in the mirror for the sole purpose of showing them to you)
Or wearing a cool flower like this?

Just sayin...

And that's how Suze sees it.


Pristinely Sweet said...

I think you dress adorable!!!

Juli said...

I wish I could pull off your style...I feel like I'm too old to wear anything remotely cute, but I don't want to dress like a grandma (you know the embroidery and elastic waistbands and all)...I feel your pain Suze, but don't stress too much...just keep at it and remember YOU are beautiful!