Friday, February 26, 2010

Pictures Pictures!

Do almost 2 year olds often get embarrassed of their mothers? Mine seems to. But even though I look at this face and it is screaming 'embarrassed by my mom', really she is just saying, 'my throat hurts like crap' and doesn't want to smile for me. At least I would assume so since hours later she was diagnosed with her strep throat.

Family pictures for our family our coming up and I am just so torn about what to wear! And not just me, I don't know what anybody is wearing! The polo shirt I bought for my son looks funny and wide on him (and that means it has to be super extra wide because he is wide enough on his own). I made Petey a tutu and then decided against it. If I had 2 girls, I'd have them both wear big puffy tutus but when the rest of us are in jeans, I think it would look like she is the star of the show if she is the only one in a tutu. I bought her a dress that looks awesome and fancy jeans and am trying to decide if that's what I want her to wear but I just haven't comitted to that outfit for her. For me? Oh heck, I could tell you exactly what I want to wear. It is thought out exactly in my mind, the material, the style, everything...but that is in my mind. It'd be great if I was a fashion guru and could just make it myself but I cant. If only I could find that perfect shirt and find the perfect gold sweater to go over it. For my husband? Oh I dont know. I think he'll be in a black shirt with some sort of color under it. His outfit is the furthest we've gotten.

Colors and ideas are appreciated, even though I think I am stuck mostly on gold, black, and turquoise/blue-ish colors...and maybe some green.

Can you see I still don't have a clue?

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