Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Carefree and in l.o.v.e

Oh to live a carefree life...someday we will achieve this.

I know two people, a husband and a wife, who live in such a way that they will remember the good times in life. There is no doubt in my mind. They travel, they do so much for their adult children and grandchildren and they have fun---together. Their life is the epitomy of a happy marriage to me. My mom has a quote hung on one of her doors that reads: "Marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for the comfort and well being of one's companion." How simply true is that statement? If marriage is based on sex and other physical relations, how long could it possibly last? What would you discuss? How long would you be able to stand that one annoying quirk your spouse does that drives you nuts? What would you do when your spouse wants something more out of your relationship?
Caring about one another and focusing on your spouse's needs is what true love is all about. I have found that quote to be true in my own life and other's. My husband is my best friend and though it took some getting used to, having a guy for a best friend, we talk daily about our wants, needs, and beliefs. Communication is a key element in a relationship and the bond found in a happy marriage cannot often be found anywhere outside of marriage. It is true, it is wonderful, and it is sacred.
So I strive to live my life like this happily married couple. I want to raise our children as a team, speak often of our beliefs, and tell him daily what he truly means to me.

Happiness is driving down the road on my way back to work and spotting two segways cruisin' on the sidewalk up ahead. It is noticing the two people driving those segways are the happy, adventerous couple I've been talking about in this post. It is definitely knowing that riding segways around Gilbert, AZ are not a common sight to see and makes those moments one to smile about forever.
I want to be unique in my adventures as they are and not care what anybody else thinks...just have fun doing whatever we want to do as a team---just my husband and I.


Kambria Smith said...

Seriously, today James made me SO mad and I couldn't stop thinking about what-ifs and regrets. Why can't he just be this way! Why does he do that?! but, like you said that's not true love. I really needed to hear this. thanks!

Suze said...

So youre saying that youre normal? Or moreso, that IM normal? :) There are definitely hard times when those thoughts creep into my head but I shut them out as quickly as they come. Its all about remembering why you got married in the first place and where you both have the goal of being. The little things in between wont be so hard to deal with if you keep that end goal in sight and remember why you love him.