Saturday, April 24, 2010

God Loves Us

Two nights ago, on our way home from Nana and Papa's house in Queen Creek, Petey and I did what we usually do and sang all of her favorite songs (I love to see the Temple, Wheels on the Bus, Monkeys on the Bed, Monkeys in the Trees, I am a Child of God, etc) and after singing Child of God, I started talking to Petey about how God loves us and we are together forever because of His plan and the choices mommy and daddy made. I figured we would keep talking about these things and maybe someday (I was thinking when she's 5 or 6), she'd start catching on and grow up knowing that she is a child of God.
Fastforward to last night, we were leaving my parents house and the first thing Petey says in the car is, "Mom, God loves me." I could have cried, it was such a special moment for me. I hope my kids grow up knowing that they are children of God and that he does love them and always will, no matter what mistakes they make.
And that's how Suze sees it.

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