Thursday, April 29, 2010

My dad

I love...

my dad. (the one in the middle, between my husband and my ob doc)

I love that he was there for this picture, minutes before my first child was born (by emergency c section, scary for a first time mommy). I love that because of his career, he was able to attend the birth of both of my children, even though they were born via c section. I love that when Petey came a month early, he checked her out immediately in the operating room and came over and whispered, "She's doing great...and she's beautiful."

I love that when she was 2 weeks old and I was about to go crazy from her screaming, he diagnosed her with colic and reflux...and then he took her in the other room and held her while she screamed so that I could have a break.

I even love that when I called him and asked him what to do about a TEN month old throwing tantrums, he said, "Well, she is your daughter..." and then proceeded to give me actual advice. :)

I love that my kids love the doctor---because pediatrician=grandpa in our house.

I love that when my son had bronchiolitis and was doing breathing treatments every 2 hours throughout the night that he called me at 3am, worried about his grandson.

I love that he randomly calls us at 6pm to ask if he can watch our kids and give us a date night. Shouldnt that work the other way around?

I love that he refers my children to people he trusts and he is always there after an appt, wanting to know what the specialist said...not because he doesn't trust them but because he cares about what is going on with his grandkids.

I love that he never forgets to tell me what a great mother I am. Every. Day. (You can never be told that too many times)

I love that he laughs at me when I say my kid's are genius'(because I'm being sarcastic when I say that) but then 5 minutes later he says, 'Spidey "has great consonants for his age."'

I also love that growing up, the answer to any of my medical questions were, "Put some ice on it.", "Take some ibuprofen.", or "Drink lots of water." One of those answers worked for any of my problems.

I love him not just because he is a pediatrician but because he is my dad and I know he loves me back. I am so proud to call him my dad.

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dan and ashley said...

i love your dad too