Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stop being so selfish!

In our world today, we want everything we dont have. We are never satisfied. more More MORE! That seems to be America's motto.


Why are we never satisfied and content with the way our lives are.

Take me for example.

I want a 2010 navy blue Honda Odyssey.

I want a bigger house, nicer furniture, and every darn cute outfit for my children (and maybe myself).

I want a husband who is never rude, annoying, or equally selfish (so apparently, I dont want a human husband :).

I want to weigh 115lbs with small boobs and nice legs...and NO double chin.

But I cant have everything I want. It just isnt a reality. What spoiled brats we would all be if we could just ask God for something and *BAM*, it appeared right before us.
When would we learn the lessons of hard work and patience?

We wouldn't, that's when.

Sometimes the selflessness comes easy (well, rarely but that still counts as sometimes). Most times it is the hardest thing I do.

I think that is where most (or would it even be safe to say all?) marriages fall apart.

The opposite sex is SO hard to live with because they're dirty, rude, inconsiderate of our hormonal feelings, and completely insensitive! But that is where we are missing the point.

Marriage (and life in general) is not about always feeling happy, always getting what we want or being the center of someone's attention. Hopefully sometimes you have all of your husband's (or wife's) attention but it simply isn't possible to always be their number one thought. HOW RUDE, right?


I get upset with my husband because "he's bugging me!". What am I, 5 years old? Is he my brother or my husband? I think as we live together longer, we start losing that connection of "husband/wife" feeling. We tend to become annoying roommates at times and get annoyed when we have tallied the amount of diaper's we've changed throughout the day and it is more than our spouse's. *gasp!* Or when we asked them to load the dishwasher and 24 hours later, it still wasn't done.

I have one point to make...though I could and wish I could make thousands.


We are human beings and it wasn't supposed to be easy to live with the opposite sex and share things (like how my husband HATES when I don't use the toothpaste correctly or immediately put the wet diaper in the trash can). Take a dose of selflessness and try to remember why you were married in the first place. You share values, some opinions, and can communicate with each other (and he's pretty darn good looking too). Happiness will come much easier if you try and forget his/her faults and focus on the great things your spouse does for you and your family...like in our case, how hard he works at school to someday provide a better life for the rest of us. Take an extra minute today and find things to be grateful for that your spouse does. You'll be happier and more in love, I promise.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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