Monday, August 20, 2012

The No-Longer-A-Baby Phase

Oh my baby boy.
We have started a new phase in our home. It's called the not-having-a-single-baby-type-person phase. All it takes is acceptance from this momma. I'm trying to accept the fact that my son is no longer a baby. Not at all. Nothing about him says baby anymore.
The naps were the last thing on my list to go. Aside from the crib last year and diapers a few months ago, the only thing we had left that seemed "baby-ish" were the naps he still took.

Petey stopped napping around 2.5 years old and has never looked back. She rarely is tired before bedtime so we knew she wasn't missing anything.

At about the same age as his sister, Spidey stopped needing naps. But I needed him to take one so we wouldn't allow him to stay up (Sure, you can think I'm mean). Some days, it would take him 20 minutes to fall asleep and some days it would take him over an hour.
But then the getting in trouble during naptime started. I've already told you about the poop painting and permanent marker episodes on his wall. He literally had over 2 hours to do each of those naughty things because he was totally silent and I thought he was sleeping! I tried putting him in more clothes, making sure all markers and other things were out of the room but this past Friday, he poop painted again and I realized we had to close out an era of this little boy's life.

So goodbye, naps. I am extremely sad to see them go because I have loved the one on one time with Petey and especially the quiet time where I can relax after a busy morning.
And yes, most of you are thinking, "You should still have quiet time for the kids." but if you knew my son, you'd be laughing at that comment. Quiet time and Spidey just don't go together. He is just so darn busy!

So here's to the "no baby" era in our home. It's a weird but kind of exciting and only slightly sad feeling.

PS: Has anyone read "Bonds that Make Us Free" before? If you haven't, I highly recommend it. I have only read the first chapter and already, I see a happier and more fulfilling life ahead of me. Seriously! I had no idea some of the habits I had formed regarding my marriage and my parenthood that need to change.

PSS: I saw a new-to-me doctor today, a family physician named Dr. Rodarte, and I highly recommend that nobody ever go see him. And if he is your doctor or your cousin or someone you know, I'm sorry for offending you but at the same time, I've never had a worse experience at a doctor's office. He spoke rudely to my children and kept getting annoyed with them when they would talk. He barely spoke English and it was hard to understand him. And I didn't even realize my appt was over 30 seconds after it began, when he said, "Follow me.". I left my purse in the room and everything before getting up to the front and realizing he was leaving me to the front office to check out. It was just plain WEIRD and AWKWARD and RUDE. But luckily, my favorite family physician will take my insurance if I switch the specific plan so that is what I did today. Phew!

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