Monday, August 27, 2012

A Summer Park Day

We got a lot of rain last week and with rain comes cooler weather! Hooray!
On Friday, it was breezy and cool outside so I decided to let the kids ride bikes to the park. My goal has been to get Spidey riding the tricycle (even though it's pink) because he is getting a big kid bike for his birthday in 6 weeks.
Petey is showing off her muddy pants. Her bike fell over on the way to the park and she literally landed in the deepest puddle. It was maybe 1-2 inches deep and she got all muddy. Of course, I put her in nice clothes to go to the park (What was I thinking?!) but luckily, it all washed out.
Spidey had the time of his life climbing and swinging on these bars like his big sis does.

He was really excited to be getting sandy and muddy and not having me get angry about it. That boy loves to be dirty!
Another picture of Petey's muddy clothes. They were starting to dry by this point but she was still pretty dirty.
Spidey riding the awesome pink trike. :)
Petey is still amazing at riding her Pinkalicious bike and had a great time riding around on the basketball court.
Petey was such a nice big sister and taught Spidey how to climb up this swirly bar. She talked him through the whole thing and helped him reach the platform over on the side.
This boy LOVES slides. And dirt. And being outside. Best day of his life!
My favorite picture of my boy from the day. He was so so so so happy to have dirt all over his face and be out in the sun. We don't do this a lot during the summer so it was the perfect break from our normal routine.

And last, I wanted to include a video of Spidey riding the tricycle. This was literally his first day riding it and I'd say he did fantastic! It took Petey a month or two to start riding the tricycle to the park when she was his age but he got right on it and knew exactly what to do! I'm so proud of him.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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