Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Year Before School

I absolutely love this picture of my Petey at her 4th birthday photo shoot. 
I don't know where the summer went but we are only a year away from this girl going to Kindergarten now.
I see all of the posts of parents sending their kids to school and I cannot believe that will be us next year.
Petey is one of the only kids her age that I know of that isn't going to preschool this year and we made that decision as her parents.
It doesn't necessarily have to do with money.
It has more to do with the fact that we don't think our little girl needs preschool this year.
But that's not really something I'm worried about proving. We know our little girl better than anybody else and I'm just excited to have this last year with her at home with me full time.

So back to the picture. I love it. It explains my girl so well.
Pinkalicious is definitely her top pick when it comes to library books and she LOVES riding that bike (when it isn't 100 degrees outside).
Size 24 month shorts on her 4 year old body.
Big grin on her face but eyes wandering from the camera.
It's just the perfect picture of Petey and I'm glad I'll always have it.
I want to remember her at this age and remember what it was like to have such a smart, caring, sometimes defiant little girl with me all day long because I know when I blink, next year will have rolled around and she will be waving goodbye to me and ready to start her first year of school.

I hope we can make the best of this last year we have together at home.

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out of sight said...

So fun to have them all to yourself. Two of my kids did a year of pre-school, my cousin was the teacher, it was twice a week. The other two did equally well in school. I lived my years as a stay home mom, I enjoy reading about yours. I am a stay home grandma now- that is lovely too. Thanks for sharing. I'll go to sleep smiling and thinking of fun families and their darling kids!