Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Early 3rd Birthday

I cannot believe I am even able to write a post like this already. How is my baby this close to turning 3? It just doesn't see possible that in a short week and a half, he has been mine for 3 whole years!
Anyway, the first of many birthday related posts on my boy is dedicated to his wonderful Nana and Papa (Boss' parents). They came to town to give him his birthday presents before they leave on a trip for 3 weeks. Boss' parents really are the best present givers and they really made Spidey's day.
Both kids were excited and ready to see what they had brought.
 Opening the first present.
 Toy Story villain action figures! He really was excited. My favorite thing about this picture is the look on his Nana and Papa's faces. They love getting the kids excited and they both seemed pretty excited as well. :)
 Then, of course, he opened the Toy Story hero action figures. He has been playing with all of these ever since and is loving them!
 Nana is an amazing seamstress and made Spidey two Buzz Lightyear pillow cases. Seriously, this has amde bedtime way easier! I'm sure he'll get used to them but for now, he loves to go lay down on them and he's happier when I put him down to bed.

 Opening the last present. What could it be? Petey is really excited to find out! :)
 A new Toy Story shirt! They've actually given him 3 Toy Story shirts now) between birthdays and Christmas and Spidey loves all of them! This one is too big for him right now {he still wears the one he was given 2 Christmases ago. ha!} but I'm sure he'll be wearing it anyway this winter. He loves Toy Story!
 Papa even brought Petey some fun little toys from his mining convention. She was excited to have something to play with as well.
 I had to get a picture of the birthday boy with his grandparents. *I am SO sorry for posting this picture of you with your eyes closed, Jed, but it's the only one I took and Andersen looks so happy in your arms!*
And Petey wanted a picture with her favorite Nana. If you needed more proof that Nana is the best seamstress, the dress Petey is wearing was made by her.

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