Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Of Royal Birth

 When Petey was born, I was against all things princess. I always thought that calling her a princess automatically meant that she was a spoiled brat. The stereotypical "princess" in my mind was a diva, had many demands, always got what she wanted, and had life handed to her on a silver platter. So since I knew that wasn't all going to happen for my girly, I stayed far away from that word for those first few years.
Then, I attended a meeting at our church entitled "More Precious Than Rubies" and my mind was changed. Instead of focusing on what I thought the word princess meant, I focused on what being a true princess means.
Petey is a princess because her Heavenly Father is a king. Whether I call her that or not, she is a princess and always will be. The best way for a princess to live is to follow the teachings her king has given her and trust me, He has given us many. He has always been there for all of us and He will never let us down.
We may think we are being let down or punished when bad things come into our lives but our king wants us to be tried and tested so that when we return to Him, we are stronger, wiser, and humbled. He wants us to be what He originally intended for us; noble and selfless.
A true princess is all of those things. She is kind hearted and loves the people around her. And since that is what I want my daughter to be, I will continue to call her the princess that she is.
And the best part is, she will always have this little prince by her side. That is one thing that I absolutely love about our little family right now. We each have a title that we need to uphold. Petey has a queen for a mom, a king for a dad, and a prince for a brother. She is not the only one in our family who is of royal birth. We were all created by a loving Heavenly Father who put us on this earth to learn and return to Him.

I will forever be grateful for the many royals that I get to associate with throughout each day. There is so much good in this world and I am blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

And that's how Suze sees it.

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